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TWG offers both DOT and non-DOT drug screens. We can customize the drug screening panel for your company to match your policy requirements. Confirmation testing is included in all of our pricing. Negative screening results are reported the next day; positive results vary from the next day to 3-4 days depending on the drugs being confirmed. We also conduct hair drug screens upon request. Instant kits are available in the office and/or for sale.
Utilizing equipment from the conforming products list, we offer both BAT screens and confirmations for alcohol use. 
Since 1996, TWG has expanded to include these services and more to fit the growing needs of our customers. Working with TWG is easy and simplifies the life of a manager. You send the people and pay your bill... and we take care of ensuring that the proper documentation has been completed. TWG is a walk-in testing facility, and we are available for accident and reasonable-cause testing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. TWG is proud to offer the following services.
Driver File Audits, Employment Verifications, Audit Support, and Policy Creation 
TWG will help your company set up your testing programs from the initial decision making concerning testing rates and policy creation to the implementation of the testing. 
On-Site Testing
On-site testing is available by securing restrooms or utilizing our mobile unit specifically created for all of your testing needs. 
Hearing Conservation Testing
Hearing Conservation testing is available by CAHOC-certified and trained employees. Either on-site or at our office, we can conduct annual testing, baseline testing, and/or follow-up testing to keep your company OSHA compliant.
Reasonable Cause Supervisor Training
TWG offers a monthly class for the DOT-required supervisor training and will also schedule a class for your company if requested. We also conduct a quarterly refresher course as needed.
DOT Consortium Programs
TWG administers DOT consortium programs for all agencies. If you are a small company and/or an owner-operator that needs to be in compliance, TWG has a consortium that will fulfill your DOT-mandated requirements for testing. We provide bi-annual and annual testing, MIS reports, and will complete the reports online or by mail for your company in the event you are required to provide one. 
DOT and Non-DOT Physicals
TWG conducts DOT and non-DOT physicals with follow-up review and submission to the appropriate state agencies. 
CCS Cards
TWG is proud to be a Third Party Administrator (TPA) for the Coalition of Construction Safety (CCS) program. As a new choice for a TPA, we provide your company with quick, easy, and efficient setup for this program, so your employees can get to work asap!
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